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Car seat features that you need

Choosing a car seat can be a very daunting process with many options available to you. Which of the “car seat features” are just marketing slang and which are the essentials that you truly need? Our experts weigh in on which car seat features are necessities and which are the “nice-to-have’s”.

Baby Trolley Cover – why is it so important?

Baby Trolley Covers are becoming more and more popular, but is this due to parents being overprotective or are there real benefits? While out buying groceries do you need to bring your own baby trolley cover? We have a look at why Baby Trolley Covers are so important and what the benefits for you and […]

Co-sleeping: why babies should not sleep alone

At times, having a newborn can seem like an experiment to test the effects of sleep deprivation. It can be a very testing and exhausting time, with so many new things to learn for both mom and baby. Our experts look at some of the advice offered around the term, “co-sleeping” and weigh in on […]

Tips on how to protect yourself & child during a hijacking

A Hijacking is a terrible ordeal and can leave you frozen with fear. Ruthless criminals threaten your life and the lives of your loved ones which can leave you feeling violated and out of control. While the circumstances of each ordeal may differ, we outline some general tips how how to best survive this horror. […]

7 tips for high chair safety

High Chair Safety | Many high chairs include features to keep your little safe and secure while eating. As parents you need to take care to ensure that you are using these features correctly. There is an alarming increase  of high chair and booster seat injuries due to improper use. Read our guide to ensure […]