Baby Trolley Cover – why is it so important?

Baby Trolley Covers are becoming more and more popular, but is this due to parents being overprotective or are there real benefits? While out buying groceries do you need to bring your own baby trolley cover? We have a look at why Baby Trolley Covers are so important and what the benefits for you and baby are.

Playgro Trolley Cover


Benefits of using a Trolley Cover


Let’s be honest, there is often a lot of “gunk” left in trollies. A Baby Trolley Cover protects your little one from invisible germs and visible dirt and grime left on the trolley. The Baby Trolley Cover acts as a physical barrier between the germs and your precious little one. Save yourself the time wasted wiping down and disinfecting the trolley with this ingenious cover. When little ones are teething – everything goes into their mouths, even the disgusting parts of the trolley.


Comfortable Travel for Baby:

Often shopping trips, especially if you are doing a monthly grocery shop, can be quite time consuming. There is nothing worse than trying to rush around the store only to get home and realise that you have forgotten an important item. It can be difficult for children to sit still, but imagine having to sit in a hard cold trolley. The Playgro Baby Trolley Cover is comfortable and padded to keep your little one happy. The padded leg holes also prevent pinching of you child’s delicate skin between the cold metal and the unforgiving plastic. The Baby Trolley can also be a lifesaver if the trolley is wet or hot from being in the sun.



There can be nothing worse than pester power while shopping, reduce this by distracting your child while shopping. The Playgro Trolley Cover has fun vibrant colours and interesting patterns to engage your baby and provide visual stimulation. The Baby Trolley Cover also has fabric loops which can be used to attach baby’s favourite toys or teethers to keep them entertained.



The Playgro Baby Trolley Cover also has handy pockets to store your wet wipes, keys, wallet or more. (Take care to not leave valuables unattended as pickpocketing can happen in an instant). If baby should spill or make a mess while in the Trolley Cover, the mess will also be contained compared to not having a trolley cover. This makes it easier to clean up after your shopping trip. The Playgro Trolley Cover fits all standard trolleys and is easy to install. Simply unfold and place in the open trolley seat. Make sure that the leg openings face the handle. Place child in and you are all set to go! All of our Playgro Trolley Covers are also machine washable.

Benefits of using a 3-in-1 Playgro Trolley Cover

The universal Travel Along Trolley Cover converts into three different modes: trolley cover, high chair cover and playmat! The soft padded mat is ideal for keeping baby comfortable while out and about shopping, featuring leg holes, handy pockets at the front for keys, wallet or baby toys and fun characters for baby to engage with. As a high chair cover it keeps baby comfortable and entertained while you prepare their meal. The playmat mode offers a safe place for baby to kick and play, featuring vibrant colours and interesting patterns to engage baby and provide visual stimulation.


  • Suitable from birth
  • 3 modes: trolley cover, high chair cover and playmat
  • Includes fabric loops to attach baby’s toys
  • Handy pockets to store personal items
  • Padded cover include leg holes
  • Bright colours and patterns for visual stimulation



3-in-1 Trolley Cover
3-in-1 Trolley Cover



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