Strap Stop

No more clever escapes! Strap Stop is an additional safety fastener strap that ensures the child’s hands remain in a safe position, inside the shoulder straps, in the car seat, in the pram, on the food stool, the bicycle child’s seat, etc. Also suitable for use with backpacks.

  • Multiple uses – especially designed to match on the pram belts, the food stool, the bicycle child’s seat, etc.
  • Versatile – since it is portable, you can use the same product on different kinds of child seats (pram, food, etc.)
  • Easy to use – Easy to assemble, you simply fasten it… and you are ready! Note: the product must be placed at the right height to work with results.
  • Safe – due to the belt’s special design with interlocking clips, it can only be removed by adults. Easy and quick opening with one hand by simply pressing the sides.
  • Reliable – made of material of high quality and durability
  • Adjustable – the safety clip adjusts according to the child’s development around the chest area
  • Certification ECE R44-04 – tested and certified for mechanical & physical properties, and flammability
  • Colour – Black