Roundup of our favourite Playgro Newborn Toys

Playgro Newborn Toys – our favourites! We have narrowed down the list to give you our top picks for your child’s favourite Playgro Newborn Toys for the O+ stage.

Toilet Training Readiness: signs to watch

Do you think your little one is ready to start potty training? Read this article to see if they are showing signs of toilet training readiness.

Benefits of using a Play gym from Playgro

There are many developmental benefits of using a Playgro Play gym, we outline some of the reasons why. Playgro has a wide range of Play gyms to choose from so that you can find the perfect one [...]

Potty training mistakes to avoid

Ready for Potty Training? Avoid these simple potty training mistakes So you have read our blog on  Pre potty training tips and are ready to start the process. We asked the experts (and many [...]

Building Baby’s Motor Skills with Playgro

Using Playgro toys to aid Fine and Gross motor skills As a newborn, your little one is not mature enough to handle skilled movement and needs to develop these controlled skills. As your baby [...]

Pre-Potty Training tips – before you start

Pre-Potty training can be important to help lay the groundwork for potty training. Potty Training can be a pretty momentous time as your baby transforms into a “big boy” or “big [...]

Baby Trolley Cover – why is it so important?

Baby Trolley Covers are becoming more and more popular, but is this due to parents being overprotective or are there real benefits? While out buying groceries do you need to bring your own baby [...]

Age for Stage by Playgro

Playgro ‘Play and Grow’ is an interactive development journey aimed to stimulate baby’s sensory development as they explore and interact with the world around them. ‘Play [...]

The Ultimate Age and Stage Bath Guide:

Bathing a new-born can be a very daunting experience for the first few times. Bathing will be a major part of your bubs routine over the next few years, we show you how it can be a wondrous and [...]

Baby Sign Language: will it work for my baby?

Most babies don’t start talking until around their first birthday. Your ten month old is crying, you ask him what he wants and he signs for milk. Is this type of communication possible? [...]

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