Advantages of Tummy Time

Tummy Time Tips:

Turn Tummy Time into playtime with these tips from our experts:

  • At first baby won’t be able to support their own head, so start by lying baby stomach down on your chest. You can also place baby across your lap.
  •  Encourage baby to look up and see your face, rock them gently from side to side to calm and reassure them.
  • Lie down on the floor next to baby and sing or talk to them. Making silly faces or playing with colourful toys will show baby that this is fun. Some experts also suggest a mirror.
  • As baby gets stronger sing or talk above their head so they are encouraged to look up and see you.
  •  If baby starts to fuss try to divert their attention. Turn them onto their back and blow “raspberries” onto their back and then turn them onto their tummy again.

The advice on this blog can be used for the purpose of information, but should not be substituted with the advice from medical professionals. Be sure to also hold your baby and spend time connecting with them in a physical sense by cuddling and holding them close to you. Every baby develops at their own rate, so be patient and enjoy the precious time you have with your little one.

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