FREE Monster Spray Label

This month we partner with Switch Agency to produce a free printable label for you. They specialise in fun, bright works of art so thought they would be the perfect partner. Simply Download, Print, Cut and Stick onto your bottle for a monster-free night. Monsters Beware!

Monster Spray from Switch Agency

FREE Monster Spray Printable

Has your little one developed a fear of the creatures that crawl in the night? Switch Agency designed a FREE printable for Bambino to help keep the bad guys away. This bottle will help little ones feel secure, if they sense any monsters are near they can also respray themselves.

We tried a bedside lamp, leaving the bathroom light on, putting his favourite Spiderman on night duty – nothing worked. To try and solve this new-found dilemma we came up with the idea of using a Monster Spray!

Make your house a monster-free zone. In the same way that bug spray is used to keep bugs away – try this to keep monsters from hiding under the bed.


Monster Spray from Switch Agency


Simply download the file below, print it out, cut to the size of your bottle and stick the label on. You can also print on sticker paper and peel the label off the backing paper and stick it directly to the bottle. We designed this label to fit on any standard air fresher. Choose a fragrance that your child likes – like Strawberries and Cream.

Monster Spray from Switch Agency

FREE Printable from Switch Agency

We have made labels in different sizes and formats, so print the size or shape that suits your bottle.

FREE Monster Spray labels

FREE Monster Spray labels

You can also make your own monster spray using some of these amazing recipes:

Using a normal spray bottle, add a few drops of essential oils (like lavender) and a few drops of food colouring. Glitter can also be a wonderful addition. If your child is the kind that only believes in store bought items – make the bottle during nap time. Otherwise this can be a fun project to make together.


Pretty Prudent added Glycerine to the ingredients as a special Monster Fighter. They decorated the bottle with some colourful wool around the top of the bottle.


Contact Switch Agency for any of your design needs – birthday invites, party decor – they do it all! Like their Facebook page to keep updated with new designs, free printables and competition details.

Monster Spray from Switch Agency

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