10 Essentials to pack into your Nappy Bag

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A well packed Nappy bag can be the difference between a snivel and full-blown tantrum. Our experts give some tips on the 10 essential essentials that you need to pack!

Nappy Bag Essentials:

1. Wipes:

These are the obvious choice. Wiping sticky hands, dirty surfaces and nappy changes. If you don’t want to carry the whole pack with you put a few in a zip lock bag. This way you can also stash small packets of wipes in every conceivable place so that you never run out.

2. Nappies:

This will depend on what stage your little one is on, even while toilet training I carried a few spares for the odd occasion. The general rule is 1 per hour that you are out with a few for luck! Even if you are cloth diapering it can be a good idea to carry some disposables while you are out and about.

3. Changing Mat:

Some Nappy bags are clever enough to have a built in changing mat, but if you do not have one there are many options. Changing Mats come in handy when there is not a clean dry surface to use. Some parents even opt for the disposable variety – no mess no fuss. A small towel from home will also do the trick.

4. Hand Sanitizer:

For cleaning moms hands after a nappy change. This is useful when traveling and there is no time or place to wash your hands. It can also be used when your little one picks up something from the ground that you wish they wouldn’t!

5. Plastic Bags:

Plastic Bags always come in handy, you can store soiled nappies, wet clothes and even all the clean dry clothes or blankets.

6. Snacks and Drinks:

If you are bottle-feeding than always pack a spare bottle if you don’t know how long you will be out. As your child grows you may want to include some small meals like a jar of baby food and a spoon, or perhaps some finger foods to keep junior happy. A sippy cup of juice or water has also been known to soothe the savage toddler. I always carry some chips/biscuits as an in between meal, a few sweets and a sippy cup. I know these are not the healthiest alternatives, but they last for a long time and come in handy in emergencies.

7. Blanket:

A spare blanket can double as a changing mat, a nursing cover, bib, shade or burp cloth. If the weather changes you are also prepared for any eventuality. Find a light-weight and smallish variety so that you are not weighed down.

8. Extra Clothes:

On a big day out we expect our kids to have fun and get a bit messy so always pack a few extra items to cover all situations. You never know when there will be a spill, drool or spit-up incidence that calls for an urgent change.

9. Sunscreen:

Always protect baby’s skin with sunscreen or a hat. Even in overcast weather our skin can burn and be damaged by the sun.

10. Toys:

Often running errands with mom isn’t the most entertaining of things to do so make sure that you have plenty for your little one to do. Choose items based on your little ones current age and interest levels. Ensure that the toys that you choose will keep them busy for a while, otherwise you run the risk of carry unnecessary items. A favorite stuffed animal, coloring book or toy car will make the trip that much more bearable.

So now we have all the essentials ready to go for our day out.

Here are a few tips on choosing a Nappy bag:

    • Choose a bag that is fully lined and waterproof, this makes it easier should a spill occur
    • Invest in a  bag with multiple compartments or add a bag divider – an organized bag makes things easier to find
    • Store medicines and liquids in ziplock bags to prevent accidental spillage
    • Pre-pack items such as clothing outfits in resealable ziplock bags to save time
    • Some parents keep a fully stocked larger diaper bag in the car for emergencies and then carry a smaller essentials bag with them
    • Make sure that the bag is comfortable and adjust if necessary so that it fits
    • Choose a nappy bag based on the purpose that you need it for, an active mom may use a backpack as the perfect fit for her

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