Prepping for Pregnancy: What if…


It is often a time in their lives that little girls dream about. The fairytale of meeting Prince Charming, being swept off your feet and producing a flock of children. In our modern lifestyles of putting our careers first, the average age of a first time mom has dropped from around 25 to 29 in the past 5 years. Women are putting themselves first and climbing the corporate ladder before putting on the mom hat and raising families. Will this have an impact?


The consequences of this is that many women are now taking longer to fall pregnant. Many more women are turning to fertility specialists to help them create a bouncing baby, this can often be a stressful and expensive task. After being on contraceptive for a long period of time our bodies adapt to the levels of hormones. A lot of hesitation surrounding the decision to have children is related to the question, “what if we can’t have kids?”. Many women are worried that the older they get the more risky the pregnancies become. I recently discovered Joanna Goddards’s Motherhood Mondays post on her blog, Cup of Joe.- a must read if you are in the same situation.

It mostly focuses on the issue of infertility and how she and her husband lived through it – eventually to have a beautiful little girl.  Some of my nearest and dearest friends have struggled with pregnancy and it seems so lonely and heartbreaking.  I can’t even imagine the frustration and disappointment that these families endure.  The fear of not being able to conceive doesn’t scare me away from starting a family, but seeing others around me struggle reminds me how much of a blessing a healthy pregnancy can be.

Is this something that all pre-pregnancy people worry about?  We would love to know your thoughts…

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