Pregnancy questions answered by the experts

Being pregnant is like standing on the bridge of a bungee jump. One the one hand it can be thrilling, exciting and one of the greatest adventures of your life. On the other hand it can be completely daunting and incredibly scary. It is a long way down and the journey from conception to birth can we a complete roller-coaster of emotions. We answer some of your common pregnancy questions and give you advice on what to expect when you are expecting.


Pregnancy questions

Most frequently asked pregnancy questions answered by the experts.

1. Do I need to take prenatal vitamins? Which minerals and vitamins should I take?

We give you the low-down on what vitamins and minerals you need to take and what quantities.

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2. What causes morning sickness – and is there anything I can do about it?

Read our article all about the 15 way you can reduce morning sickness and some of the ways that you can reduce nausea.

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3. How do I know that I am pregnant?

We discuss all the signs and symptoms of Pregnancy. Read more here.



4. What does my partner need to know about my pregnancy?

We give you some tips on how your partner can navigate this new world of Pregnancy. Read more here.



5. What do I need to do to get ready for Pregnancy?

We answer all your preparation for Pregnancy questions to help you get more prepared for your adventure. Read more here.



6. Can you travel while Pregnant?

Our friends at Graco have created a great post detailing this one for you. They also have some get advice on taking a Baby Moon.


We are sure that you have many pregnancy questions – here are some facts about pregnancy that we bet you did not know.

Have a look at Graco’s humourous look at Pregnancy for a laugh.

Pregnancy humour



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