What is ISOFIX and do I need it?

This is a common question that we are asked by concerned parents, with the ISOFIX being one of the new buzzwords in car seat safety. We give an explanation as to what this is and the advantages that it offers to parents.

What is Isofix and what are the benefits?


What is ISOFIX:

This may sound very complicated, but this is a safety system that was created to make fitting a car seat even easier for mom and dad. The new ISOFIX car seats are created with 2 points that stick out of the base of the car seat. These points are then guided into the ISOFIX connection points found in the car and create a “click” sound to let you know that the seat is connected. This means that the seat is securely attached to the frame of the vehicle and will not easily wiggle out. Quick, easy and safe!


By keeping the seat secured at the base, means that the car seat will not be able to topple forward in a collision.


ISOFIX is now an international standardized fitting system, and most vehicles built after 2006 will come standard with the ISOFIX connectors. This will take time to become the standard so check your vehicle first to ensure that you have the connectors. The name ISOFIX comes from “ISO” (International Standardization Organization) and “FIX” (or Fixation).


Do we need ISOFIX:

Previous designs of car seats used the vehicles seat belt in order to install the car seat. There are many different types and shapes of cars, different heights of back seats, seat belts, anchorage points and many different types of car seats. As such it sometimes became a bit trickly to fit a car seat correctly. Isofix was developed to create peace of mind, protecting your child better in a car crash.


Benefits of ISOFIX:

  • Makes it easier to install car seats, reducing the risk of installing a car seat incorrectly
  • Provides a “plug in” system where the car seat is directly attached to the vehicle
  • Reduces the chances of your child being hurt in an accident
  • Seat is also secured when not driving with a child


How to install an ISOFIX car seat?

  1. Ensure that your vehicle is fitted with ISOFIX
  2. Pull out the ISOFIX connectors on the car seat
  3. Place the car seat on the rear of the vehicle seat
  4. Push the connectors into the ISOFIX guides, you will hear a click sound when the seat connects
  5. Check the indicator panels on the side of the seat, these will be green usually if the seat is fitted correctly

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