Bambino International is a South African supplier of fully tested and
certified products. We’re all about safety and quality – our main priority.

The Quality Evaluation and Standards of testing ensures that product design, materials and engineering meet all of the necessary requirements for your child’s safety and comfort. Through constant testing and research, we aim to ensure that the highest quality is built into each product. Check out our Blog.

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Say hello to Joie, a UK group of friends and parents with one simple mission: to share joy with new parents worldwide.

Our commitment to the highest standards of design, engineering and safety means that we are accountable for everything we produce at Joie. We draw on decades of industry experience that stems from our devotion to do what is right for parents, children and the environment.

As a result, each Joie product is created to make life with small children less work and more fun. So go ahead and bring the kids! Visit Joie


At Playgro we understand the importance of play in the developmental journey of babies and create fun, innovative Infant Developmental Toys that engage their senses and stimulate their imagination.

Playgro toys provide endless opportunities for babies to grow, learn and discover. We ensure that each product includes features that will assist baby to develop a range of skills – including motor and cognitive skills through active play, and stimulate them to think, look, listen and move. Visit Playgro

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