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Benefits of using a Play gym from Playgro

There are many developmental benefits of using a Playgro Play gym, we outline some of the reasons why. Playgro has a wide range of Play gyms to choose from so that you can find the perfect one for your little one. Read more to find why out the benefits of using a Play gym.

Age for Stage by Playgro

Playgro ‘Play and Grow’ is an interactive development journey aimed to stimulate baby’s sensory development as they explore and interact with the world around them. ‘Play and Grow’ is designed to encourage baby’s sensory progression, stimulate curiosity levels and improve their ability to explore and interact with the surrounding world to discover new skills. ‘Play… Read more »

Advantages of Tummy Time

Our experts offer some advice on what tummy time is and why it is so important for your baby’s development. Tummy Time is a crucial part of baby’s development with research showing that babies who do not spend enough time on their tummies will fall behind their peers in reaching milestones. So what is Tummy… Read more »

Infant Developmental and Bath Toys, designed to delight, and stimulate development

What’s GREAT about Playgro? For close to 25 years the Playgro™ brand has stood for creativity, imagination, quality, innovation and fun. We have developed a range of products, carefully designed to stimulate and delight babies. Each whirl, spin, whiz, crinkle, snuggle, chime, click-clack or squeak is specifically designed to encourage enjoyment and active play. The Playgro™ range… Read more »